SIMPLE Plant Hanger

SIMPLE Plant Hanger


This versatile plant hanger is perfect for any space. It can hold a variety of container sizes as well as a multitude of plants. Your trailing plants will look fabulous and the simple design won’t detract from that cute planter or lush greenery. Pick your favorite bright bold color or stick with a classic neutral palette.

This plant hanger is designed to hang from the ceiling or from a wall mounted plant bracket that will move the plant away from the wall.

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Each piece is handmade to order and may have slight variations and inconsistencies. These can take up to two weeks to create and ship.
The measurements are typical estimates but may not be exact.


2.25” W / 36” L


Burnt Orange, Mustard, Natural, Olive, Gray, Indigo, Sparkle Natural, Black

Handmade in Bothell, Washington