about the maker

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Collectanea Shop Helper

Hi, I'm Sarah...

and that cutie patootie is Emerson - the best helper ever. He and my husband are my most incredible cheerleaders and assistants on this crazy maker journey. I started Collectanea [*collec-TAY-nee-uh*] toward the end of 2017 and am loving the process of developing my own style and really harnessing that mid-century “vibe.”

I've always been a maker. I'm continually trying new art / craft mediums like wood burning, macrame, knitting, book making, watercolor painting, acrylic... anything I can get my hands on. I thrive on keeping my creative spirit busy and sharing my passion for handcrafted art, housewares, and especially mid-century and modern designs.

It's so nice to have you here and I hope you find something that you love or that inspires you to make something yourself. I enjoy meeting people in person too, so if you're in the Seattle / Puget Sound area, we should grab a drink (coffee, wine, whatever)!




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