What type of cord do you use?

100% single strand cotton - in various weights and colors. It’s super strong, super light, and super soft.

Where do you get your wood frames?

I design the wood shapes and have them cut by a professional. Then I stain the raw plywood to give it that warm mid-century vibe.

How long does each piece take?

That totally depends on the piece. They all start with a pattern design - that’s the most time consuming part. Then I test it out to make sure that it still looks good in real life and tweak it until it does. Every piece is knotted by hand individually, so the more knots, the more time it takes.

Where do you ship?

Right now, just the US, but I hope to change that very soon! If you’re not in the US and interested in a piece, please let me know and we can arrange shipping on a case by case basis.

Anything else you want to know?

Drop me a line on here or visit me in person at one of the upcoming events!