Real Life Side Hustle

I think some people really glorify the “side hustle" - as if somehow working your regular 8-5 job and then going home and working some more on this other thing makes you “cooler” than the regular workforce. While that may be true - because most of us hustlers are awesome humans, duh - the reality is, it’s a constant battle between work, life, and all the other things.

My husband and I don’t have kids, we have fur babies - by choice. To me, even having fur-kids makes doing the side hustle that much more challenging. [I 100% respect those makers who are raising a family on top of all this other stuff. Do you have the same amount of hours in a day that I do?!]

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The day, for me, looks something like this:

Wake up and get ready for day job
Think about side hustle to do list for the day
Work at day job
Think about side hustle but should focus on work
Lunch time plus side hustle small things and check off mental list
Back to “real” work
Think about side hustle but should focus on work, again
Clock out and head home
Start side hustle where left off at lunch
Oh, right - husband, fur babies
Dinner for the humans; Dinner for the doggos
Side hustle - no wait, walk for doggos
Side hustle - no, actually, it’s bedtime
Sleep or hustle? Uh….
Wake up and repeat

Any other side hustlers out there feel me on that? Or is it just me….?

Finding the time and space to devote to your creative endeavors can be a challenge. Whether it means setting aside an hour or two a day, or chunking out big blocks of time on the weekends, you find a way to fit the work in because you love it.

Hopefully you’re blessed, like me, with an awesomely supportive partner who will help you get the work done - my man cooks dinner and that frees me up to work before and after. He helps me focus on work when I’m home and helps me set up and tear down at weekend shows.

How does your side hustle work? Do you do it solo? Or do you have a partner in crime too?

What is your side hustle? I’d love to hear about it!!

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