Not-cho Gramma's Macrame

One thing I’ve learned dipping my toes into this whole macrame thing is that there are a LOT of variations on what macrame can be.

For instance, go to Pinterest and search for macrame: you’ll get everything from macrame knot diagrams (very helpful sometimes!), lawn chair tutorials, lamp covers, gorgeous modern wall hangings, plant hangers out the wazoo…. and the full gamut of vintage to current styles, beautiful and terrible designs, and everything in between. It can be a lot to filter out.

This photo courtesy of  Pinterest

This photo courtesy of Pinterest

What I’ve seen are three basic categories:

They each have their place, their own story, and their own vibe. But I definitely fall into the modern category. Architectural details, clean lines, symmetrical designs, all lend themselves to a more modern aesthetic.

What’s your favorite macrame style? Are you more bohemian? More architectural? Super 70’s retro?

The other biggest differences between macrame of then and macrame of now is the material. I use 100% cotton, exclusively. Partly because it’s so ridiculously soft and easy to work with, but it’s also super strong and come in rich colors. Back in the day, they used a whole lot of hemp cord [and made lots of owls] — so scritchy! It also didn’t have much in the way of color variations [so much brown blah].

Collectanea | Bodoni Wall Hanging